Do we administer medications?

Yes. We administer medication at no extra cost and are familiar with most types of medication.

What to bring?

Overnight: Mandatory –  Food, vaccine records, leash. Optional – Bed, blanket, cookies, toys.  We provide water and food dishes.

Daycare/Grooming:  Leash, food only if your dog eats lunch.

Is your facility heated and air conditioned?

Yes. Our facility is equipped with radiant floor heat, air conditioning and air exchange.

What are your requirements?

We require all pets to be spayed or neutered, get along with others and are vaccinated for Rabies, DAP, and Bordetella.

What if my dog shows signs that it may need medical attention?

If we think your pet may need medical attention we will call you to consult. If we can’t reach you or feel that your pet need to go right away we may need to seek vet. care before speaking with you.  If you vet is local we can try them, if not we will use a vet. of our choosing. There is no extra charge for this service however we would expect compensation for any vet bill that we might pay.

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